I write for a variety of newspapers and magazines including Hana Hou! (Hawaiian Airlines inflight magazine), Il-Bizzilla (Air Malta inflight magazine), FijiTime (Air Fiji inflight magazine), Times of Malta, Shift News, Pink Magazine and the Sunday Circle.

Single Mothers on Ruling the Pride Alone

Femen – Breast is Best

Colour coding kids

Do you have to be a bitch to be the boss?

My body, my burqa

Babies and Robin

Pass me the Clomid – Drugs and Infertility

Shrinking to Death – Anorexia in Men

I want what she’s wearing

Off her Christmas Card List – When friends stop calling


Kids with type one diabetes – an upward trend

The Expert Bridesmaid

Rape in War

What the War did for Woman – Iraq’s tragedy

Music in Myanmar

Business Babes

Premature Babies Beating the Odds

Adoption Trials

Race Rapes

Making Birth Better

Anorexia in Pregnancy

Would a nanny work for you?


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