Helen Raine

Want to know how to get the most out of a weekend in Lithuania? Or perhaps you’re wondering what it feels like to abseil down a 100m drop from the top of Table Mountain in Capetown? My travel articles, published in the Times of Malta and Fiji Times amongst others, cover destinations from around the globe; just hit the travel tab and choose where you want to go. I also have a selection of advice columns, from travelling long haul with small children to surviving a trip to the Amazon.

Malta is one of my favourite destinations – I lived there for four years – and my articles for the Air Malta inflight magazine, Il-Bizzilla, and other publications, cover all aspects of this magnetic Mediterranean island. Whether you’re already a Maltaphile or going for the first time, I highlight the places that the locals would prefer to keep secret  and reveal what’s happening on the Islands.

I also write for Malta’s woman’s magazine, Pink!, on everything from temporary fashion tattoos to coping with braces as an adult. For the Times of Malta supplements, I’ve covered parenting, environment, business, weddings, food & wine, sailing and more.

And I’m the author of a series of wildlife books. Bermuda’s Top 10 – A Guide to the Island’s Wildlife is already on sale (you’ll find it on Amazon.com), Malta’s Top 10 is at the printers and Kauai’s Top 10 is under construction. Find out more at  http://www.toptenwildlife.com.

I’ve also produced extensive website content for businesses and NGOs. If your website content needs freshening up, contact me for details on how I can help.


2 thoughts on “Helen Raine

  1. Great accomplishments Helen! Wow! Will the Kauai Top Ten be available by May2018? All my sisters are visiting for my daughters wedding and would love to buy some.

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