I might be on a rock in the middle of the Pacific at the moment, but I’ve been around the globe a few times and I jump on the chance to leave paradise whenever I can. Here’s a selection of the destinations and travel themes I’ve covered.

From One Island to Another – Puerto Rico

Where the Witches Are… Whalley, my hometown – p42

Chocolate Box Britain in Winter – p42

Hurricanes in Hawaii

A near miss with a Hurricane on Kauai

Long Haul for the Weekend

SA weekend_1

Peace of Norfolk


Holiday Hits

music festivals_1

Zanzibarian Treasure

Helen Zanzibar[1]_1

Winos at Vinopolis

Helen vinopolis_1

Toddler Travels

Helen toddler[1]_1

Venetian Venture

Helen Venice[1]_1

Down on the Farm

Farm stay[1]_1

Up the Duff One Mile Up

flying pregnant[1]_1

Jungle Jane (that’s a nod to my sister-in-law’s dad – the inimitable Jim)

Helen jungle_1

Singapore Setting

Get your Love Groove On

Sitting Pretty

Helen house-sitting_1

Tour Tanzania

Helen Tanzania_1

Will my Suitcase Need Wheels?

Helen Amazon_1

And then I got robbed… again…

stay safe_1

Give the Spa a Whirl

Spa Helen[1]_1

Ski Season


Rotorua Rumblings


I’m on Staff Travel

perks of the job_1

Do a Blur in London

Park life_1

Macau Mayhem


Irish Idyll


We do it on the Train


Bootcamp Babes

heln boot camp_1

These (Hiking) Boots are Made for Walking

Helen walkpdf_1

Where the Earth Moves

Helen volcanoes_1

Nix the Vax worries

Helen vaccinations_1

First Class Please

Helen upgrade_1

Is a Tour just too Touristy?

Helen tour_1

To Toulouse, mon cher

Helen Toulouse_1

Lone(some) Travels

Helen solo_1

Ski Central

helen ski_1

Notting Hill Darling

Helen Raine Notting Hill_1

Orlando isn’t just Disney (honest)

Helen orlando_1

East End Olympians

helen olympics_1

Mulling it Over

Helen Mull_1

Christmas Markets

Helen markets_1

Malawian Meanderings
Helen Malwai_1

London Walking Tours – The Good, The Badass and The Downright Scary

Helen London_1

Don’t Do Taboos

Helen taboos_1

Loose in Lithuania

Helen Lithuania[1]_1

Krakow Kraken

Helen Krakow_1

Travel Insurance – You Know it Makes Sense

Helen insurance_1

Granada Grande

Helen Granada_1

Fiji – Far flung and Fantastic

Helen Fiji_1


Helen Eco[1]_1

Cruise Control

Helen cruise_1

And then I threw up…. again….

Helen bugs_1

Join the Caravan

Helen caravan_1

Brighton Boom

Helen Brighton_1

Berlin United
Helen Berlin-1_1

It’s a Beach all this Travelling

Helen beach[1]_1

Appy Clappy

Helen apps_1

No Time for Screen Time

Helen activity[1]_1

Halloween’s Coming, Halloween’s Coming, Skeletons will be After You…..


Foodie Fetish

Food tourism[1]_1

What recession?

financial crisis_1

Pyramid Selling

Egypt Cruise[1]_1

Cozumel and the Sea


Chicago Chic


Layabouts on Busabout


Gadget Crazy

beach gadgetspdf_1

Safari Central

African safari[1]_1


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